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  • Posted by Computer-Tech-Blog on 02 Feb 2012
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Disabling the Found New Hardware Wizard

There may be times where you want to disable the Foud New Hardware wizard in Windows XP or Server 2003, either because the device in you system does not have drivers for Windows XP or everything is working fine and you just don’t care to install any new drivers.

This message means that Windows has found a new hardware on your system and is asking you to install the software that came with the device. This message can be disabled by adding/editing a registry key in Windows.

how to disable found new hardware wizard


How to disable the Found New Hardware Wizard in Windows XP 32-bit?

  • To bring up the registry editor in Windows, click on Start > Run and type in regedit and press Enter.

Add a DWORD named SuppressNewHWUI with a value of 1 to the below key:


1. The DeviceInstall and Settings keys may not exist so you will have to create them.  Just right click on the Windows key and choose New > Key, name it DeviceInstall, now do the same and create Settings key inside of DeviceInstall.

how to disable found new hardware wizard

2. Now you need to add SuppressNewHWUI DWORD with a value of 1 to the Settings key.  Right-click on the settings key and choose New > DWORD Value and type in SuppressNewHWUI, give it a value of 1.

3. Double click on the SuppressNewHWUI DWORD that should be in the Settings key to make sure it has a value of 1.

how to disable found new hardware wizard

3. Now Exit the Windows registry and restart Windows and the Found New Hardware wizard will not come up anymore. You can change the SuppressNewHWUI Value data to 0 if you ever need the Wizard to show up again.


Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Server 2003

Add a DWORD named SuppressUI with a value of 1 to the below key:



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